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1. Human

SIXKNM promotes human welfare and social reform. We care about the poor, suffering and marginalized populations. Our work is people focused, locally relevant and environmentally sensitive offering tangible ways out of poverty. Through our work we share knowledge, climate smart practices and influence change. We place emphasis on initiatives that deliver on economic and social capital plus environment conservation.


SIXKNM advocates for enhanced welfare and respect for animal rights among Kenyan communities. Our goal is to see an animal cruelty free style in Kenya. Communities that are recognizing and upholding animal rights. Humans and animals share an evolutionary heritage. Humans, as moral beings, have an obligation to act responsibly toward animals; life has intrinsic value. No animal should be killed unnecessarily or be subjected to cruel acts or to unnecessary suffering; and when humans have control over specific animals, they have a positive obligation to provide these animals with an environment and care appropriate for the species.

3. Plants

SIXKNM incorporate strategies to provide sustainable agroforestry based alternative livelihoods to build the resilience of resource to impacts of climate-change or upscale sustainable agroforestry practices proven to be effective in conservation.

4. Air

SIXKNM is addressing the burden of air pollution through contribution to policies focusing on pollution controls, energy and climate, agricultural production systems and addressing human air pollution activities.

5. Land

SIXKNM promotes sustainable land management practices that could increase food production without degrading soil and water resources

6. Water

SIXKNM advocates for sustainable water conservation practices in response to the effects of climate change.